Sony KFO50WE610 User Manual

Page 58

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Push the Memory Stick gently into the slot, and then release it.
The Memory Stick media is ejected.

Pull the Memory Stick completely out of the slot.

When removing the Memory Stick, do not attempt to just pull it from its



^ To protect small children from injury from Memory Stick Media, remove

all Memory Stick media from the LCD projection TV's Memory Stick slot

and store it in a safe location when it is not in use.

Turn on the your LCD projection T V and insert a Memory Stick that
contains the photo or movie files you want to view. For details on inserting a
Memory Stick, see “To insert a Memory Stick” on page 57.

The Memory Stick Home appears, which displays thumbnails of still image
and movie files stored on the Memory Stick.

When MEMORY STICK === on the remote control is pressed, the Memory

Stick Home also appears.


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