Sony KFO50WE610 User Manual

Page 86

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If you have video equipment that you want to control with the LCD

projection TV's remote control, use the following procedures to program the
remote control.

^ The equipment must have infrared (IR) remote capability in order to be

used with the remote control.

From the “Manufacturer’s Codes” listed on page 87, select the three-digit
code number for the manufacturer’s code for your component. If more than
one code number is listed, start with the number listed first. Use the code
number to complete the following procedure.

li Press


■ Press the desired



is* Input the three-digit manufacture's code number.

•v Press


Â) When no code number is input for 30 seconds or invalid or incorrect

numbers are input, the remote control is reset to the normal TV

remote control mode.

If more than one code number is listed, try entering them one by one

until you come to the correct code for your component.

If you enter a new code number, the code number you previously
entered at that setting is erased.

In some rare cases, you may not be able to operate your component with

the Sony remote control. In this case, use the component’s own remote
control unit.


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