Multi-speedlite system – Canon Speedlite 420EX User Manual

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Multi-Speedlite System

By using multiple Speedlites, you can create more sophisticated lighting
effects. The subject’s face can look more three-dimensional or an accent
light can be created. The flash exposure is fully automatic even with

multiple Speedlites, making it very easy.

The multi-Speedlite system can be wireless or wired. In a wireless flash
system, a Type-A camera Is attached with a master unit (550EX, ST-E2, or

MR-14EX) and the 420EX is set as a slave unit. In a wired flash system,
multiple EOS-dedIcated Speedlites (including the 420EX) are connected by

wired flash system accessories.

Wireless Flash System

The 420EX has a wireless slave setting that enables it to be a wireless

slave unit, it can thereby be used in an E-TTL wireless autoflash system

together with a Type-A (E-TTL-compatible) camera and a master unit

(550EX, ST-E2, or MR-14EX).

The flash exposure is controlled by the master unit which makes it easy to

use a wireless flash system for sophisticated lighting effects. Using multiple

Speedlites is as easy as using just one Speedlite mounted on the camera.
For details on wireless flash photography or on master unit

operations, refer to the master unit's instruction booklet.


Set the master unit.
• Attach the 550EX, ST-E2, or MR-

14EX to the camera and set it as the
master unit.

Set the 420EX as a slave unit.
• Set the wireless selector to < SLAVE >.

- The flash coverage is set to 24mm


• When the flash is ready, the AF-

assist beam emitter blinks once per
second continuously.