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Multi-Speedlite System

Wired Flash System Accessories

® Off-Camera Shoe Cord 2

Enables the Speedlite to be used off-the-camera up to 60 cm away. All of the

Speedlite's functions can still be used.

Multi-Speedlite Accessories

(2) Off-Camera Shoe Adapter OA-2

Enables the Speedlite to be positioned off-the-camera. This adapter is connected

to the TTL Hot Shoe Adapter 3 or TTL Distributor via a Connecting Cord.

(3) TTL Distributor

Equipped with four Connecting Cord sockets, the TTL Distributor relays the

information from the TTL Hot Shoe Adapter 3 to the multiple Speedlites

connected via Off-Camera Shoe Adapter OA-2.

@ TTL Hot Shoe Adapter 3

Equipped with a hot shoe and a Connecting Cord socket, this Adapter is

attached to the camera's hot shoe, A Speedlite is then mounted on the Adapter's

hot shoe and a Connecting Cord is connected to the socket. By connecting the

other end of the Connecting Cord to an Off-Camera Shoe Adapter or a TTL

Distributor, you can connect multiple Speedlites to one camera.

® Connecting Cord 60 and Connecting Cord 300

Available in two lengths (60 cm and 300 cm), the Connecting Cords are used in a

wired, multi-Speedlite system.