Wired flash system – Canon Speedlite 420EX User Manual

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Multi-Speedlite System

Wired Flash System

With wired flash system accessories, you can easily set up a TTL wired

autoflash system with any EOS camera.

Up to four Speedlites can be connected in a wired flash system. Any EOS-

dedicated EX-series, EZ-series, EG-series, and E-series Speedlite can be


Connection and Set-up

Use the necessary wired flash system accessories to connect the

Speedlites and take the picture after the pilot lamp lights.

TTL Distributor


^ Connecting Cord



OH-Camera Shoe Adapter OA-2


•f Off-Camera Shoe Adapter OA-2



TTL Hot Shoe Adapter 3



If the TTL Hot Shoe Adapter 3’s internal battery power is very low, the

Speedlite's flash-ready indicator will not light and no flash will be fired. Check

the TTL Hot Shoe Adapter 3's battery level before using it.

Do not extend the Connecting Cord length by more than 9 meters (three

300cm cords connected together).