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Page 2: Changing oil

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1/4" FE QC x 1/4" Flare

O-ring quick coupler valve excellent for
blanking off any vacuum system.
Excellent for pressure up 500 lbs.

Deep Vacuum Accessories

Designed for all pumps without internal blankoff valve
to isolate pump from system.

After Evacuation, Oil

Contains Rust Forming

Water and Corrosive

Acids. Drain Immediately

While Pump Is Warm.

Model DV-3E
24.5 oz.

Models DV-4E & DV-6E
22.5 oz.

Slowly add oil until oil level
rises even with arrows on front of cover.
Replace oil fill plug.

If oil is too low, you will hear air out of the exhaust. If the
oil level is too high, excess oil will be blown out the exhaust.

Pump oil should be changed after each use. If system is
heavily contaminated, oil may have to be changed several
times during evacuation.

After initial fill up, best to check oil level with pump running.



Close both sides of manifold and make connection to vacuum
pump or auxiliary blank-off equipment. Start pump.

Crack open unused port to break vacuum. Allow pump to run
2-3 seconds. Shut down and remove hose connections and
cap intakes.



The following procedures will prevent oil from being drawn into

cartridge and creating hard start-up.


To reach deep vacuum, Eliminator pumps need

clean, moisture-free oil throughout evacuation.

Care should be taken to avoid contact on skin and clothing
when changing oil. Used oil should be disposed of in a

Being just a
teaspoon low
affects the
ultimate vacuum.

leakproof corrosive-resistant container.

1. After every evacuation while pump is

warm and oil is thin, place pump on level
surface and open oil drain. Oil can be
forced from the pump by opening one
intake and partially blocking the exhaust
with a cloth while the pump is running.
Do not operate the pump for more than 5
minutes using this method.

2. Slowly add oil until oil level rises even
with arrows on front of cover. Replace
oil fill plug.

If the oil is badly contaminated,
flushing may be necessary.
Slowly pour 1/3–1/2 cup of fresh
JB vacuum pump oil into the
intake connection while pump is running. Repeat as required
until contamination is removed from oil reservoir, pump rotors,
vanes and housing. Dispose of all oil used in flushing of pump.

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