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Pump won’t start.

Pump won’t pull deep vacuum.

1. Plug power cord in securely.

2. Turn motor switch to ON position.

3. Warm up pump to 30°F & turn motor

switch on.

4. Line voltage must be within 10% of

115 volt.

1. Change oil.

2. Add oil.

3. Locate & repair leaks.

4. Clean or replace O-ring.

Corrective Action


Possible Cause(s)

1. Power cord not plugged in securely.

2. Motor switch not on.

3. Pump temp. below 30°F.

4. Inconsistent line voltage.

1. Contaminated oil.

2. Oil level too low.

3. Air leak in system being evacuated.

4. Pump inlet fittings missing or not


5. Coupler slipping

Should you need further assistance,
write our Home Office or contact your
nearest JB Service Center.


Eliminator pumps are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years. All JB products are
guaranteed when used in accordance with our directions and recommendations, and we limit this warranty to the repair,
replacement, or credit at invoice price (our option) of products which in our opinion are defective due to defects in
workmanship and/or materials. In no case will we allow charges for labor, expense or consequential damage. Repairs
performed on items out of warranty will be invoiced on a nominal basis. Contact you wholesaler for details.

P.O. Box 1180–Dept. 85
Aurora, Illinois 60507-1180 USA
E-mail: [email protected]
Visit our web site at: www.jbind.com
Toll Free Technical Service
Number 1-800-323-0811


Thermal overload may be open.

Pump shuts down and will not start.

Part No. 10346-308
Printed in U.S.A.
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Damaged oil seal.

Oil drips from point where shaft
enters the pump housing.


Disconnect pump from system. Wait about
15 minutes for motor to cool and turn it on
again. If it cycles off again, return pump to
factory for repair.

1. Remove 1/4" cap.

2. Turn pump on.

Pump cycles on and off from a
completely cold start and then runs

Oil backed up into cartridge and was
being cleared out. Pump has not been
shutdown properly.

5. Tighten coupler setscrews to flats of

cartridge and motor.


Pump and oil must be above 30°F. Line voltage must be equal to motor nameplate ±10%. Normal operating temperature is
approximately 160°F, which is hot to the touch. Line voltage and ambient conditions will affect this somewhat. Motor has automatic
resetting thermal overload protection.

Eliminator is designed for continuous duty and will run for extended periods without overheating.


Aurora, Illinois 60505 USA