NUU Riptide User Manual

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The Action button doubles as a “Play/Pause” button. While music
is playing, press and release the Action Button to pause the music.
Press and release the button again to resume playback.

Make Call: To make a call, make sure your NUU Riptide must
be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Dial as usual and speak
towards the built-in microphone located under the power button.

NOTE: The built-in microphone only works when your

phone is connected via Bluetooth.

Answer Call: To answer an incoming call, press and release the
Action button. Incoming and outgoing calls are given priority over
Bluetooth audio playback. If a call comes in while you are streaming
Bluetooth audio, the track will pause and the NUU Riptide will play the
ringtone. It will resume once the call has ended.


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