Troubleshooting – NUU Riptide User Manual

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Unable to pair with your Bluetooth device?

1. Ensure that your phone/device is Bluetooth compatible,
and that Bluetooth has been correctly enabled on your
device. (Check the documentation that came with your
phone/device for further instructions.)

2. Ensure that your phone/device is within a few feet of the
NUU Riptide.
3. If your phone/device is connected to a number of other
Bluetooth devices, disconnect some of them before

pairing with the NUU Riptide.

4. Turn Bluetooth off and then on again on your phone/
device. If the NUU Riptide still won’t pair, remove it from
the list of discoverable devices and retry the pairing

process from the start.

5. Ensure that both devices are sufficiently charged.


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