Caring for your nuu riptide – NUU Riptide User Manual

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• The minimum operating temperature is -10°C (14°F).
Battery performance will be affected as the temperature
• The supplied accessories do NOT meet waterproof and
dustproof specifications.
• NUU Riptide will only meet IP57 standards when the cover to
the charging and AUX-IN port has been securely closed and
• While the NUU Riptide is dustproof, exposure to dust and the
like may mar the surface finish. Cosmetic damage is not
covered by the warranty.

Caring for Your NUU Riptide


• If dirt or sand gets on the power charging port(s), wipe the
area clean with a soft cloth that will not leave behind any

• Do not open or close the charging port cover with wet or
sandy hands or near water.

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