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Aux-In & Aux-Out

Carabiner Loop

jack. Use the supplied 3.5 mm input cable to plug and play, no
Bluetooth required. Simply plug one end of the cable into the AUX-IN
port of the NUU Riptide and the other end into the 3.5mm headphone
jack of your phone/device.

Like any phone/device headphone jack, the AUX-OUT of the NUU
Riptide can be used as a music source that you can connect to another
NUU Riptide’s AUX-IN to double the sound output power.

NOTE: Audio content via 3.5mm stereo input will override audio
streamed via Bluetooth.

NOTE: Accessories do NOT meet waterproof and dustproof


A built-in loop on the I/O port side is available for attaching the
NUU Riptide to an object via a carabiner, lanyard or the like


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