NUU Splash User Manual

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d) Charging Port – Charging the Battery
For best results, ensure the NUU Splash is fully charged before use.
Connect the supplied AC power adaptor to the charging port, and plug it into your wall
outlet. The green charging indicator will remain illuminated while the unit is charging.
The indicator will automatically switch off when the unit is fully charged. Allow 2.5
hours for the battery to fully charge. The NUU Splash may be used while it is charging*.
*NOTE: You may charge the NUU Splash by connecting it to your computer with a micro
USB cable. However, if you intend to use the NUU Splash while charging, charge only
with the supplied power adaptor. Audio output quality may suffer during playback while
charging via computer.

e) Status Light
If the blue LED is…
• Flashing slowly
The NUU Splash is switched on, but not paired to a Bluetooth device.

• Flashing quickly
The NUU Splash is in pairing mode and ready to pair with your phone or Bluetooth device.
• Steadily lit
The NUU Splash is paired with your phone or Bluetooth device and ready to use.

f) Charging Indicator
A steady red light indicates that the battery is low and should be recharged soon. When
charging, this light shows green until the NUU Splash is fully charged.