NUU Splash User Manual

Page 5

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During a phone call, press the button once to switch between using the NUU Splash
and your phone to talk. You will hear a ‘beep’, indicating that the call has been
transferred to your phone or the NUU Splash.

When the NUU Splash is paired to your phone, it can be used to call the last number
dialed in your phone by pressing the button for three seconds or more.

c) Playback Controls – Skip to a Track
When streaming audio via Bluetooth, press the button to skip forward to the next
track in your playlist. Press the button to skip back to the previous track in your
playlist, or to the beginning of your current track.

d) Volume Controls – Setting the Best Sound
Change the volume by pressing the plus and minus buttons. If you hear a beep when
pressing the plus button, the NUU Splash has reached its maximum volume output.
To get the best sound, make sure the NUU Splash is standing on its base and the front
grill is facing towards you.

When connected via Bluetooth: turn the volume up on your phone/device to its
maximum and then use the NUU Splash volume controls to adjust.
When connected via 3.5mm input cable: turn down the volume on your phone/device
before adjusting the volume on the NUU Splash. The audio signal may be distorted if the
volume on your phone/device is up too high.

Bluetooth: Version 2.0
Bluetooth Range: 10m
Water & Dust Resistance Rating: IP55
Battery Life: Up to 7 hours playback time (varies by volume level and audio content)
Audio Output Power: 2 x 3W
Speaker Driver: 2 x 40mm 4 ohm
AC Adaptor: 5V/2.6A with Micro USB plug
Supports Bluetooth A2DP audio profile, Bluetooth Handsfree profile (HFP) and Headset
Profile (HSP)