NUU Splash User Manual

Page 6

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a) Unable to pair with your Bluetooth device?

1) Ensure that your phone/device is Bluetooth compatible, and that Bluetooth has been
enabled correctly. Check the documentation that came with you phone/device for

further instructions.
2) Ensure that your phone/device is within a few feet the NUU Splash.
3) If your phone/device is connected to a number of other Bluetooth devices, disconnect
some of them before pairing with the NUU Splash.
4) Turn Bluetooth off and then on again in your phone/device. If the NUU Splash still

won’t pair, remove it from the list of discoverable devices and retry the pairing process
from the start.
5) Ensure that both devices are sufficiently charged.

b) Problems with the sound?

1) For sound distortion, try lowering the volume on the NUU Splash or your

2) Move the NUU Splash closer to your phone/device.

3) Connect your phone/device to the NUU Splash via the 3.5mm input cable rather than
Bluetooth. Ensure that the cable is fully inserted at both ends.
4) Ensure that both devices are sufficiently charged.

c) NUU Splash not responding to commands?

1) Switch the NUU Splash off and then on again.
2) Reset the NUU Splash by turning the unit on, and then press and hold both playback
control buttons ( and ) for 3 seconds.
3) If there is still no response after step 2, connect the unit to the supplied power

adaptor or computer USB port and repeat step 2.
4) Ensure that both devices are sufficiently charged.

d) Problems making and receiving calls with the NUU Splash?

If you encounter problems using the hands-free function of the NUU Splash, ensure that
Wi-Fi is disabled in your phone, as this may interfere with the Bluetooth connection.

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