Industrial Injection LBZ/LMM Duramax Compound Turbo User Manual

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12. Install new turbo on support bracket using supplied gaskets and bolts. Connect the oil drain hose (


loosen exhaust and compressor housings clamps so you can line up the pipes properly.)

13. Install New wrapped turbo pipe using stock V-band clamp and supplied bolts and exhaust gaskets. Adjust

and a line the exhaust housing and turbo pipe and ghten the 4 exhaust bolts. And then ghten stock V-
band clamp ght.

14. Install the custom intake compressor Adapter flange on the stock turbo using the factory V-band clamp and

the suppled O-ring.

15. Before installa on of the stock intake assembly cut off the cas ng stub to make room for the intake

charge pipe.

cut off