Industrial Injection LBZ/LMM Duramax Compound Turbo User Manual

Page 7

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22. Install the fuel filter LMM only using the new supplied bracket using the factory bolts and remove the

bolts on the fire wall on the support bracket on the passenger side and slide the bracket in between the
bracket and firewall, and reinstall factory bolts and ghten. Install and run two new 27’’ fuel line and
connect with 4 factory clamps. (Note: make sure fuel line is away from hot pipes) You must cut and
lengthen all 4 wires 25’’ using the supplied wire (We recommend soldering all wire connections.

(Note: Black/red wire is for the fuel heater, blue/black wire is for water separator sensor).

23. Install the new ba ery reloca on bracket on the passenger frame mark and drill holes and install baery

using the supplied bolts. Cut off the factory ba ery terminals and with the new supplied ba ery cables
and terminals connect the ba ery and run the cables along the frame away from the down pipe.