Industrial Injection LBZ/LMM Duramax Compound Turbo User Manual

Page 6

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Install 4” down pipe with supplied clamp adjust downpipe while tighten so pipe don’t rub on the frame or

firewall.(Note: might need to loosen the 10mm nut holding the clamp and push the air conditioning unit
towards the motor out of the way of the downpipe and retighten).


Install the steel braided oil feed hose from the stock turbo to the new turbo using the supplied fittings and



Install factory water overfill bottle using the supplied bracket and factory bolts and nuts. Connect the ¾ ‘’

water hose using the supplied hose, clamps, and fittings. Use the factory ½ ‘’ hose and connect it to the
water bottle. You must extend the water bottle sensor connector using the 40’’ black and green wire and
connectors supplied. Use the factory u shape water hose and clamps to hook up the water from the
firewall to the water fitting above the stock turbo.