Operation for dual wake-up system, Alarm time setting – Panasonic RC6099 User Manual

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Operation for Dual Wake-Up System

This set incorporates a dual wake-up any desired wake-up time in the following
system, you can set each alarm time to way.

Alarm time setting


Press and hold the alarm 1

(or 2) display/adjust button.

The clock display shows

" ! E ‘ - u u " .


While pressing the alarm 1

(or 2) display/adjust button,

press and hold the time set
buttons until the desired
wake-up time appears on

the clock display.

Make sure the AM or PM setting is


Release the alarm 1 (or 2)

display/adjust button, and
the present time is restored
on the clock display.

To make sure of the preset time,
press the alarm 1 (or 2) display/adjust
button again.
If the alarm 1 and 2 display/adjust
buttons are pressed at the same time,

the clock display shows the alarm 1