Helpful hints, How to use with earphone – Panasonic RC6099 User Manual

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Helpful Hints

Keep the set away from heating devices

and electrical noise generating devices
such as fluorescent lamps and motors.

The set should be kept free from dust,

moisture, and vibration, and should not be

exposed to direct sunlight.

Do not clean the plastic cabinet with
benzine or thinner. Clean it with a solution

of soap and water.

Do not unplug the AC power cord by

pulling on the cord. To do so may cause
premature failure or shock hazard.

If the set is not going to be used for a tong
period of time, remove the back up battery

to prevent possible damage due to battery

Avoid spray-type insecticides. Some in­

secticides contain chemicals that could
cause cabinet deformation.

Do not connect the set to an AC outlet

other than one supplying the specified


Avoid cuts, scratches, or poor connections
in the AC power cord which may result in
fire or electric shock hazard. Also exces­
sive bending, pulling, or splicing of the cord
should be avoided.

How to use with earphone

Connect an earphone {not included) to the

earphone jack.

When using an earphone avoid high
volume levels, which may damage your

Never fall asleep white using an earphone.

When earphone is in use, the buzzer alarm

and radio alarm will still function, but only
the buzzer alarm will be heard from the