To set the correct time – Panasonic RC6099 User Manual

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To Set the Correct Time

To set the correct time on the clock
display, use the following procedure.


Connect the AC power cord

to your household AC pow­

er outlet.

The clock display will begin to flash


While pressing the off/time

set button, press and hold

the time set buttons until
the correct time appears on

the clock display.

The digits should stop flashing.

To forward or reverse the displayed

time rapidly, press and hold the FAST
button with the FWD or REV button.

To forward or reverse the displayed

time minute by minute, press the

FWD or REV button repeatedly.

The seconds are automatically set to

"0" when the FWD or REV button is


Observe the PM indicator. A green
dot (PM indicator) indicates "PM" and
no dot indicates "AM”.


Set the brightness selector

to “HIGH” or “LOW”.

To increase the brightness of the time
display, set this selector to "HIGH”; to
decrease it, set to “LOW",

The correct time can usually be obtained

by listening for time checks on the radio or
from telephone time services.

The time set (FWD-FAST-REV) buttons
can only activate when the off/time button
is pressed.