Operation for dual wake-up system, Combination of the alarm 1 and the alarm 2 – Panasonic RC6099 User Manual

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Operation for Dual Wake-Up System


Combination of the alarm 1 and

the alarm 2---------------------------------------------------------

The radio alarm and the buzzer alarm are
set at the same time, both alarms will
activate simultaneously.

Combination of the Alarm 1 and the Alarm
2 permits the following convenience.


Set the wake up time for weekday on the
Alarm 1, and for weekend on the Alarm 2.

Wake-up time for


Alarm 1............ “RADIO’

Alarm 2................... “OFF

The alarm will activate automatically at the

same time every day.

Make sure to set the Alarm 1 and 2

selector to "OFF" when you want to cancel

the alarm.