Precautions, Safety, Installation – Panasonic RC6099 User Manual

Page 4: Environment

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Before using this unit please read these
operating instructions carefuily. Take spe­
cial care to follow the warnings indicated

on the unit itself as well as the safety

suggestions listed below.

Afterwards keep them handy for future



1. Power Source - The unit should be

connected to power supply only of the
type described in the operating in­

structions or as marked on the unit.

2. Polarization - If the unit is equipped

with a polarized AC power plug (a plug
having one blade wider than the other),

that plug will fit into the AC outlet only
one way. This is a safety feature. If you
are unable to insert the plug fully into
the outlet, try reversing the plug, if the
plug should still fail to fit, contact your
electrician to replace your obsolete
outlet. Do not defeat the safety purpose
of the polarized plug.

Installation -


3. Power Cord Protection - AC power

supply cords should be routed so that
they are not likely to be walked on or

pinched by items placed upon or
against them. Never take hold of the
plug or cord if your hand is wet, and

always grasp the plug body when

connecting or disconnecting it.

4. Nonuse Periods - When the unit is not

used, turn the power off. When left
unused for a long period of time, the
unit should be unplugged from the

household AC outlet.

1. Water and Moisture - Do not use this

unit near water—for example, near a
bathtub, washbowl, swimming pool, or
the like. Damp basements should also

be avoided.


Heat - The unit should be situated

away from heat sources such as ra­
diators and the like. It also should not
be placed in temperatures less than 5“C

(41 “F) or greater than 35“C (95“F).