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8. History

TCDialer records the dialed telephone numbers in a history list. The length of the list is limited to 10

telephone numbers. The limit can be expanded with a configuration setting. Ask your administrator if you

need more than 10 entries in the list. If the list limit is reached and you enter a new telephone number, the

last telephone number in the list will be deleted.

If you click the History button the History dialog opens where you can:


Select a telephone number that you want to call by double clicking it.


Edit a telephone number.


Edit a Telephone Number


To edit a telephone number, select a telephone number in the list with the mouse.
Note: To select a telephone number in the list you must click on it with the left mouse button.


If you have selected a telephone number click Edit.


The Edit History Entry dialog opens where you can change the number and where you can enter a
name for the telephone number.


To save the changes click OK. To discard the changes click Abort.