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Version 1.02.00

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Note: If you change the language settings you have to exit TCDialer (at the system tray) and restart is to

get another language (only closing is not enough).

9.2.2 History Length

This configuration parameter limits the length of the history list. The default history list length is 10.

9.2.3 Hide Preferences

This configuration parameter specifies if the Preferences button on the TCDialer dialog box is visible or


Note: If the Preferences button is invisible you can make the Preferences button visible either with the TC

Management Console or with the registry editor: (set

HKLM\SOFTWARE\TOPCALL\TCDialer\HidePreferences to 0)

9.2.4 Hide History

This configuration parameter specifies if the History button on the TCDialer dialog box is visible or not.

9.2.5 Normalize

This configuration parameter specifies if telephone numbers are converted into a standardized format.

Conversion rules

All characters that are not digits are removed.

If a + character is found at the first position it is converted to the character(s) that is(are) specified with

Normalize’+’ parameter. The first 0 after the + character will also be removed. E.g. +43 (01) 86353

is converted to 0043186353
Note: If the conversion is disabled (Normalize = 0) then the conversion of the + character is also


Normalize ‘+’

If normalizing is enabled, a plus character at the first position is replaced by this (these) character(s).

9.2.7 Prefix

If Prefix is not empty and the length of the destination number is greater than the value of the Internal

Numbers Length, the Prefix is added to the destination number, before the number is dialed.


Prefix...= 0

Internal Numbers Length...= 3

dialed destination number...= 123...the number 123 is called (internal number)

dialed destination number...= 1503...the number 01503 is called (external number)