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......InternalNrMaxLength =3 this is recognized as external number

......and so the prefix (0) is added.

......The number 01503 is called

9.2.8 Internal Numbers Length

This configuration parameter specifies the maximum length for internal telephone numbers.



This feature allows the user to mark text that contains a telephone number in a Windows application (for

example in WinWord, Excel.) By pressing the Hotkey the telephone number is automatically dialed


DDE Server

The DDE Server section configures the parameters for the DDE interface. DDE is used to control TCDialer

with an external application. More information about the DDE interface can be found in the TCDialer

technical manual.

9.4.1 Application Name

This parameter specifies the name of the application for the DDE Server.

9.4.2 Topic Name

This parameter specifies the topic of the application for the DDE Server.

9.4.3 About DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange)

Dynamic Data Exchange is a protocol for transferring data between applications. The DDE protocol sends

messages between applications that share data and uses shared memory to exchange data between