Removing & emptying water bucket, Warning, Bucket method – Whirlpool Dehumidifier User Manual

Page 4: Drain hose connection method, Water level float & automatic shutoff, For models with non-adjustable water level float, For models with adjustable water level float

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^ Removing & emptying water bucket


Sickness Hazard

Do not drink water collected in

water bucket.

Doing so can result in sickness.

Bucket method:

1. Use both side handles to lift bucket.

Pull bucket forward and remove.

2. Carry bucket to a large sink or tub.


Pour water through opening into a

sink or tub.


Replace bucket completely and

light is off.

Drain hose connection method:

(to drain water from bucket continuously)

drain hose

1. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to

remove cover from drain connector.

Turn cover counterclockwise. Discard

cover. It cannot be reused.

. Do Not

outside or
will leak.

center of drain hose connector


Drill out only the center of the drain

hose connector. Use a minimum 1 /4"
drill bit.


Attach a garden hose to drain hose

connector.The garden hose should
not be longer than 8 feet (2.4 m). Run
other end of garden hose into a floor
drain. Check that the hose lies flat
and in the drain.

To use the bucket without the garden hose:

Use a garden hose cap to seal the drain
hose connector.

Water level float & automatic shutoff

All dehumidifiers have automatic
shutoff and a water level float. Some
dehumidifiers feature an adjustable
Water Level Float.The bucket must be
properly aligned for the Water Level
Float to work.

For models with non-adjustable

Water Level Float:

The Water Level Float will shut off the

dehumidifier automatically.

For models with adjustable

Water Level Float:

You can set the adjustable Water Level
Float at the "high" or "low" position. Both
settings will turn off the dehumidifier




"High"setting: Water Level Float is
preset to the "high" position—left side
of opening.The dehumidifier will shut
off automatically when bucket is 3/4


"Low" setting: Slide Water Level Float to
"low" position—right side of opening
— to make the bucket lighter to carry.

The dehumidifier will shut off
automatically when bucket is 1/2 full.