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Caring for your dehumidifier

General cleaning and

1. Dust the front grille and side panels

with a soft brush or the dusting
attachment of your vacuum.

2. If cabinet paint chips, you can touch

up the paint with a good grade
enamel paint to prevent rust.

Water bucket cleaning

Every few weeks,
rinse the inside of,

the water bucket
with a mild
detergent to

prevent growth

of mold, mildew
and bacteria.

Cleaning the interior coil

For best efficiency, clean the coil at
least once a year with the brush
attachment of your vacuum. Be sure

the coil is dry for easier cleaning.

Tool needed:

Phillips screwdriver

Removing front of dehumidifier:



Electrical Shock Hazard

Unplug dehumidifier before


Replace all panels before


Failure to do so can result in

death or electrical shock.

1. Unplug dehumidifier or disconnect

power supply.

2. Remove water bucket.




e»” '




3. Remove 3 screws from each side of

the front panel.

4. Remove the front panel by holding

the bottom sides and lifting up and
out. Do not remove top cover or



5. Clean coils with brush attachment of

your vacuum cleaner. Be careful —
coil fins are sharp.


The refrigerant coil is all that

needs to be cleaned on the inside of

the dehumidifier.



Replace the front panel and water


7. Plug in dehumidifier or reconnect

power supply.

If you need assistance or service.

If you need service or call with a question, have this infoimation ready:

Model number


Serial number '

Purchase date

Phone number




Model and serial numbers are located on the wall behind the water bucket.

1. Before calling for


Performance problems often result

from little things you can find and fix
yourself without tools of any kind.

Dehumidifier will not run:

• Is unit plugged into a live circuit with

proper voltage?

• Is unit turned on?
• Is water bucket installed properly?
• Does water bucket need emptying?
• Has a house fuse blown or circuit

breaker tripped?

Unit runs but does not dehumidify:

• Is unit in defrost cycle? (Provided on

some models.)

Normal operating sounds:

When your dehumidifier is operating
you will hear sounds such as:
• Compressor sounds—the compressor

can be loud.This is normal.

•"Clicking"sounds—can be heard when

the unit or compressor turns off and
on, and when the Automatic Shutoff
Switch is working.

• Air movement from the fan.

Normal operating conditions:

• Unit will put out heat.
• Do not operate below 65°F (18.3°C).

2. If you need assistance in

the U.S.A....

Call your local dealer or the Whirlpool
Consumer Assistance Center toll-free
at 1-800-253-1301. When requesting
assistance, please provide model
number, serial number, date of
purchase, and a complete description
of the problem. This information is
needed to better respond to your
If you need further assistance, you can
write to;

Consumer Assistance Center
c/o Correspondence Dept.

2000 North M-63
Benton Harbor, Ml 49022-2692

Please include a daytime phone
number in your correspondence.