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Page 7: Charcoal filter, Саге and cleaning glass canopy hood

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Саге and Cleaning

Glass Canopy Hood

For your


Before servicing or cleaning the unit, switch
power off at the service panel and lock the service
panel to prevent power from being switched on

accidentally. If the service panel cannot be locked,
fasten a tag or prominent warning label to the





The metal filter traps grease released by foods

on the cooktop. The filter also helps prevent flames
(from food, grease) from damaging the inside of the


For this reason, the filter must ALWAYS be in place

when the hood is used. The grease filter should be
cleaned every 6 months, or as needed.

To remove:

Grasp the filter lock and pivot it open to release.

Pull the filter down and out.

To replace:

1. Place the two tabs on the filter edge into the

locating slots in the left or right side of the hood

2. Push the filter up, open the filter lock and snap it

into place in the hood.

To clean, swish the filter in hot soapy water and

rinse in clean water or wash it in the dishwasher.
Do not use abrasive cleansers.

Charcoal filter

(on some models)

If the model is not vented to the outside, the

air will be recirculated through a disposable
charcoal filter that helps remove smoke and odors.

The charcoal filter should be replaced when it is

noticeably dirty or discolored (usually after 5 to 12
months, depending on hood usage).

NOTE: DO NOT rinse, or put charcoal filter in an

automatic dishwasher.

The charcoal filter cannot be cleaned. It must be


Order Charcoal Filter WB02X11269.

To inquire about purchasing replacement charcoal
filters or to find the location of a dealer nearest you,
please call our toll-free number:

National Parts Center


To remove:

1. Remove the metal filter—see Metal grease filter

section above.

2. Remove the two thumbscrews and lower the

filter down and out.

To replace:

1. Place the new filter over the filter mounting bolts

in the hood and secure with the thumbscrews.

2. Replace the metal filter—see Metal grease filter

section above.

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