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Page 8: Саге and cleaning glass canopy hood

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Саге and Cleaning

Glass Canopy Hood



Clean with a damp, soapy cloth and dry with a
clean cloth. A glass cleaner may also be used.


steel hood

Do not use a steel wool pad; it will scratch

the surface.

To clean the stainless steel surface, use warm

sudsy water or a stainless steel cleaner or polish.
Always wipe the surface in the direction of the
grain. Follow the cleaner instructions for cleaning
the stainless steel surface.

To inquire about purchasing stainless steel

appliance cleaner or polish, or to find the location
of a dealer nearest you. please call our toll-free

National Parts Center


Light bulbs

To change the light bulbs:

1. Remove the inner lamp lens cover by inserting a

small flat blade screwdriver into each of the three
slots and gently prying it free.

NOTE: Do not remove the outer trim ring (lamp

2. Grasp the bulb and pull it straight out.

3. Replace with the same wattage, type and size

bulb. Wear Gloves. Do not touch bulb with your
bare fingers.

These 12 volt, 20 watt halogen bulbs with a G4

base are available at specialty lighting stores and
home building centers,

NOTE: If WRONG WATT BULB appears in the
display, the wrong kind of replacement bulb has
been used. Replace with the same wattage, type
and size bulb as the one removed.

4. Replace inner cover by inserting the three

retaining tabs into the three slots and pressing

them firmly in place.

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