Eagle Microsystems VF100 User Manual

Page 6

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The feeder should be installed in an area which is clean and dry and without

excessive drafts that will blow fine material into the air. This will prevent a dusting

problem that would be detrimental to both personnel and other equipment in the area.

Damp locations can cause some materials to absorb moisture. This can affect the

handling properties of the material causing difficulties in feeding the material.


Remove all strapping and packing material from the feeder assembly. If furnished

with a scale, remove the shipping spacers from beneath the scale plate and lower the

scale so that the leveling feet are resting on the feeder stand.


Move the feeder assembly to the desired location and orientation. Level the feeder

stand and bolt it down. The stand height is pre-adjusted at the factory. However,

should height adjustment be necessary it can be accomplished in the field with

ordinary hand tools.

Once the feeder assembly is in place, remove the four (4) 1-inch long x ¼-20 hex

bolts from the leveling feet, and install the four (4) 5/8-inch long x ¼-20 hex bolts into

the shock mount. Adjust the leveling feet of the scale from the under side of the

feeder stand platform. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN! These screws are only to keep

the scale from moving on the stand. If tightened completely they will apply load to the

load cells, and this will result in inaccurate scale measurements.

On installations where the customer has chosen not to purchase a mounting stand

from Eagle Microsystems, the customer must provide a mounting stand. The stand

must be rigid, flat and level. The stand should be large enough to support the feeder