Eagle Microsystems VF100 User Manual

Page 9

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Other auxiliary switches and controls may be provided for optional equipment such as

solution tank mixers and hopper vibrator systems. When necessary, the operation of

these optional devices is covered in an addendum to this manual.


Drive: All bearings and critical drive components are sealed and require no periodic

lubrication. The drive hub assembly, located on the drive side of the feeder hopper,

houses the sealed bearings that support the screw flight and the seal that

prevents the material from migrating from the inside of the hopper to the bearings.

The seal packing will wear over time and should be monitored and replaced when

worn out to prevent damage to the bearings. Periodically check for packing failure by

removing the drive guard and observing the “weep hole” on the underside of the hub

assembly. If chemical is observed in the hole or piled beneath it, replace the

packing. During routine maintenance shutdowns, empty the hopper and observe the

packing. If there is less than l/8” of white packing material visible, replace the

packing. Unscrew the feed screw and the packing flange. The spring loaded seal

housing should come out of the hub. Remove the teflon packing material, replace it

and reassemble with a new seal O-ring in the hub. If the material has penetrated the

inside of the hub assembly and bearings, wash them out and then check the

bearings for run out and play. If in doubt, replace the bearings, or if the bearings

seem OK, re-assemble the drive hub.