Step 1- tent set up frame parts, Step 2- attaching the rain fly (see next page) – Giga Tent GT 004W User Manual

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Frame Parts

Frame assembly X 1


(Figure A)



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(Figure C)

Carefully remove the frame from the carry bag and stand upright.
Starting at one corner pull the frame apart

being careful not to over stress the cross pieces.

(Set up will be easier and faster when you have more than 1 person).

Move from leg to leg while pulling the frame apart. Make sure that the center pole does not get caught

and that it is free to move up through the upper hub.

Before you open the frame too far it is wise to drape the canopy top over the 2 center poles

before they get too high to reach. Simply drape the canopy top over the center poles and continue to open
the frame.

When the lower hub has reached the midway point on the legs you can carefully push up on them until

the hub locks into place

. If you encounter a lot of resistance when trying to push up on the

lower hub continue to pull the legs out until there is less resistance. Insure that all of the legs are fully
locked into place before proceeding.

Carefully pull frame apart


Trying to force the frame open will result in broken cross pieces. NEVER force the frame to open.

6) Pull the canopy top into place making sure that it is facing the correct way. Pull the canopy corners
down over the top of the frame and attach the Velcro straps around the leg


7) Move to the center legs and line up the Velcro on the inside of the canopy with the Velcro on the leg and
attach in place


8) Raise the frame to the desired height making sure that all of the legs are set to the same height. Make
sure that all of the legs are fully locked into place.
9) Attach the remaining Velcro straps around the frame along the bottom of the canopy top


10) Stake out the bottom of the legs using the steel hook stakes provided.

(Figure D)

(Figure E)

(Figure F)

Step 2- ATTACHING the RAIN FLY (see next page)

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