Tips and tricks care – Giga Tent GT 004W User Manual

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Tips and Tricks


Ultra Violet (UV) Exposure

Your tent is made of UV resistant polyester fabric

which is resistant but NOT impervious to the
damaging effects of long term sun exposure. We DO
NOT suggest long term set up of ANY of our
products as this will severely damage the tent

Seam Sealing

Gigatent suggests that at a MINIMUM the seams

at the bottom of the windows should be sealed
using a product like McNetts Seam Sure to prevent
moisture from coming through the needle holes.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions when
applying seam sealer.


DO NOT under any circumstances store your tent

wet or damp. Mildew will quickly destroy a tents
waterproof coating.
Allow your tent to dry and then store in a cool dry

Structural Integrity

Although the tent was constructed to rigid

specifications periods of wind and soaking rain
may loosen the stakes and guylines to the point of
allowing the rainfly to flap. This can in turn cause
the poles to loosen weakening the overall
structure. Loosening of the rainfly can also create
pockets that can collect water which can lead to
pole failure. To insure that this does not occur take
care during windy or rainy conditions that all of
the stakes and guylines are secure and tight.

Washing Your Tent

NEVER machine wash a tent as this can cause

damage to the waterproof coating. Hand wash with
a mild soap and rinse with clean water and allow to
COMPLETELY dry before storing. An extremely
dirty tent can be set up and washed like a car or it
can be washed in a bathtub using your hands to
agitate the water or a soft brush.

When using the canopy on hard surfaces such as concrete weights may be

substituted for stakes. Care must be taken as the canopy will not be as
stable as if it were staked.

The legs have different height settings and will allow the canopy to be tilted

slightly to provide the most protection from the elements.

Do not collapse the frame with the canopy top attached as this can allow

the fabric to be damaged. Remove the canopy top prior to fully collapsing
the frame.

In sandy soil a longer and wider stake will hold best. Even better use a

deadman anchor made out of a piece of wood with a loop of rope around it

and buried in the sand with the other end tied to the canopy.

When using the canopy in heavy rains be sure that water does not start to

collect on top as this will cause damage to the frame. Use the guylines and
velcro to maintain proper tension on the canopy top.

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