Bearing installation and maintenance – I.C.E. GIDM-325 User Manual

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NOTE: Refer to manufacturer literature provided for maintenance requirements of optional equipment.


NOTE: To prevent premature failure – please ensure greasing instructions below are applied. As well,
tighten bearing set screws, collars, and wheel lugs every four to six months.


For bearings that are equipped with a hydraulic grease fitting threaded into the housing for ease of lubrication, the
proper amount of lubricant in the bearing is important. Both excessive and inadequate lubrication may cause failure.
The bearings should be re-lubricated while they are rotating (if it is safe to do so); the grease should be pumped in
slowly until a slight bead forms around the seals. The bead in addition to acting as an indicator of adequate re-
lubrication provides additional protection against the entry of foreign matter and helps flush out contaminates in the

By the time the slight bead is formed, it will be noticed that the bearing temperature will rise. It is not uncommon for
the temperature to rise as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit after re-lubrication. If necessary to re-lubricate while the
bearing is idle, refer to the recommended re-lubrication grease chart tables on the following page for various sizes of
the bearings.

Lubricant-Standard Bearings:

All bearing units are pre-lubricated at the factory with a lithium soap grease which is compatible with multi-purpose
grease readily available from local suppliers. The lubricant selected for factory lubrication uses a highly refined
mineral oil with a high viscosity index, thickened with lithium soap to conform to NLGI grade 2 consistency. A
suitable additive package is added to protect the highly polished rolling contact surfaces from corrosion and
oxidation of the lubricant. The lubricant is satisfactory for an operating temperature range of –30 F to +250 F.

Select standard industrial grade greases that conform to the following specification for optimum bearing

General Duty Ball & Roller;

58-75 SUS @ 210 F
450-750 SUS @ 100 F

Premium Duty Ball & Roller;

68-75 SUS @ 210 F
600-750 SUS @ 100 F

Heavy Duty Roller Bearing;

82 SUS @ 210 F
886 SUS @ 100 F

NOTE: For heavy loaded roller bearing applications, grease with EP additives are often recommended for optimum


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