Intek RheoVac 940 User Manual

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Figure 6.
Stop Clamp

Figure 7 Input Power Select Switch




WARNING: Read the entire contents of this section

before powering up the unit. Improper hookup may result in
damage to this instrument or the interfacing equipment.


Verify/configure the input power. The input power
requirement is listed on the tag on the electronics enclosure.
Be sure the input power source to be used is properly selected
in the unit. Input power can be either 115 Vac or 230 Vac
single phase, 50-60 Hz. The power configuration may be
changed in the field. Using Figure 7, locate the power select
switch on the lower printed wiring board and slide the power
select switch to either the 115V or the 230V position. Do not
apply power to the instrument until all other connections
and optional selections have been made.


CAUTION: The Table 1 output signals, both


and +, are

isolated from the transducer and power ground. However,
the outputs are not isolated from each other; i.e. the 4-20 mA,
RS232/422, and status outputs are all common to each other.
All of the 4-20 mA receiver channels must have
independently isolated inputs.


Check the serial communication setup. If a distance of greater than twenty feet is needed for
the serial communications, RS-422 should be used instead of RS-232 (See Figure 4). Inspect
the header pin shunt (Figure 8) at JP14 (upper board) for the proper communication type.
Consult Intek if the jumper is not configured correctly.