Intek RheoVac 940 User Manual

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System Requirements (minimum recommended):

Windows 95, 98, or NT, 32M RAM
Pentium 100MHz, SVGA 800 x 600
One (1) RS-232 serial port w/DB-9 connector

Install the software by inserting disk 1 into an IBM-PC compatible disk drive, select that drive, and click
on the “Setup” icon. A folder, C:\RHEOVAC, will be created and seven files will be copied to this
folder. The two executable files are: “uninst.exe” and “RVMain95.exe”. The others are drivers and
configuration files and must remain in the RheoVac folder. An Excel macro file is also included for
Excel users. It quickly formats downloaded or archived data into fields with the appropriate precision
and width.

Execute the “uninst.exe” program only if you want to remove the entire application from your hard drive.
If you want to move the application to a new drive or path, move only the folder contents to the new

To execute the “RVMain95.exe” application the instrument must be installed with all communication
connections in place. Double click on the RVMain95 icon in the RHEOVAC folder. After several
seconds a menu will appear. The first time the application is launched, you are likely to be prompted
to check the system’s clock setting. A real-time clock has been included on-board the RheoVac monitor.
Therefore, the instrument has to be synchronized to your computer’s clock. This is done automatically
each time the software application is launched. Each download will contain a time stamp given by the
RheoVac monitor. Make sure your host computer’s clock is accurate before passing the clock setting
to the instrument. A communication error message may also occur initially. When this error occurs
initially, it usually means the software configuration file needs to learn which serial communication port
is connected to the instrument. Select the correct port when prompted, then hit the “RETRY” button.
If the error does not then go away, refer to the troubleshooting section of this manual.



Execute the “RVMain95.exe” by double clicking on the RVMain95 icon in the RHEOVAC folder. Use
this menu to choose from 24hr Data Download, Air In-Leak Monitor, or Change Line Size.

To select the choices from the Main Menu, left click on the button to the left of the desired option. For
help feature, right click on any button or control and pick “Description...” from the pick list.