Intek RheoVac 940 User Manual

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These instructions cover installation of the RheoVac monitor in its standard configuration. Additional
information pertaining to your unit is covered in SECTION 6 — CUSTOM INFORMATION.
Carefully read these instructions prior to installing the equipment.



Transducer Sit e Selection


Select the installation site. The location should provide the transducer sensing area with
well-established smooth flow, uniform system temperature and pressure, and consistent non-
liquid phase flow medium. Pipe sections ahead of probe, in which water can accumulate,
must be avoided. Refer to Figure 2 and select the most preferred location that fits your
vacuum line configuration. Do not install the probe beyond any “trap” sections as shown in
Figure 2, Configurations B and D. Special installation instructions unique to your unit,
where applicable, will be noted in SECTION 6.3 SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS. Refer to
this section now to review any special instructions.


Check installation clearance. The transducer probe is almost 3 feet long and the hot tap
assembly is about 13” long, so allow 4 feet of clearance for probe installation. Be sure there
are no obstructions around the vacuum line that will interfere with transducer insertion.
Figure 3 shows the proper insertion angle. THIS ORIENTATION IS IMPORTANT FOR


OBSERVE the selected site. It should be convenient for removal and replacing probe at any
time for service without building scaffolding or waiting for plant shutdown.


Check operating conditions. The temperature and pressure limits of the unit should be
checked to ensure compatibility with your application.


Electronics Unit Site Selection


Select the installation site. The electronics unit should be located in a dry area. The
electronics are not protected against condensed liquid water inside the enclosure.


Check for input voltage access. The electronics unit should be located in an area with access
to a 115 Vac or 230 Vac single phase, 50-60 Hz input power source.


Check cable distances. The distances from the transducer to the electronics unit and from
the electronics unit to the control room, or to the receiving equipment serial communications
port or to the analog input device, should not exceed the distances shown in Figure 4.


Check electronics enclosure mounting area requirements. The RheoVac electronics
enclosure is NEMA 4, measuring 12"Ч10"Ч5". A detailed drawing of the mounting interface
is shown in Figure 5 (pg. 7).


Check for accessibility to setup and use a portable computer (PC) at the site for trouble-
shooting. There should be a place to set up the PC and to open the electronics enclosure.