Intek RheoVac SENTRY User Manual

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Figure 1 RheoVac Probe Sensor Monitor

1.3 USES

The RheoVac SENTRY System can be used for a multitude of performance related subjects, such as:

Continuous air in-leak monitoring

Vacuum pump performance testing

Operating with zero excess back pressure

Load dependent air in-leak isolation

Optimizing condenser performance

Scheduled preventive maintenance

Leak detection during hogging operation

Minimizing heat rate

Optimizing condensate/water chemistry

Understanding condenser performance


The RheoVac technology utilizes multiple primary sensors configured in a single probe head and an
electronic signal conditioner and digital signal processor unit. The sensing probe is installed in the
vacuum line between the condenser and the exhauster. The RheoVac instrument makes no assumptions
about the dynamic condenser and vacuum line environment. The sensor head employs the patented


technology to provide an accurate flow measurement. Additionally, temperature, pressure

and water vapor relative saturation measurements are made using a high accuracy platinum resistance
temperature detector (RTD), a strain gauge pressure sensor and a specially configured and calibrated
water vapor saturation sensor. The principal features of the RheoVac sensor are shown in Figure 1.