Intek RheoVac SENTRY User Manual

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Figure 2 RheoVac Probe Insertion Recommendation


CPU/Distribution Box Site Selections


Select the CPU installation site. The CPU should be located in a cool, dry area. The
electronics are not protected against condensed liquid water inside the enclosure. The location
should permit easy viewing and access to the touch screen display. Maximum temperature in
the area should not exceed 100°F.


Check for input voltage access. The electronics unit should be located in an area with access
to a 115 Vac single phase, 50-60 Hz input power source.


Consider the distances to all of the distribution boxes (located near the probes). Distances of
250 feet or more away from CPU may require a remote power supply (depends on number of


Distribution boxes are used to split off the RS485 signal to the probes. Distances from the
distribution boxes to the probe, or probes, should be kept to 15 feet or less, if possible. Cable
runs between distribution boxes can be hundreds of feet, although a remote power supply
might be needed.