Intek RheoVac SENTRY User Manual

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Never allow live high temperature steam to flow in either direction in the
exhauster line where the probe is located.


Never flood an exhauster line that has a RheoVac probe in it. Always remove
the probe, or seal off that section of pipe before a hydrostatic leak test is


Read the entire manual before installing and operating the RheoVac probes and SENTRY

Carefully select the best location for installation of the sensing probe. Adequate straight run
and freedom from standing water in the line are vital to achieving optimal performance from
the RheoVac system (See Figure 2).

Use reasonable care in handling the sensing probe(s) — the sensing components are delicate.
Take care not to bend the probes, damage the tips, or otherwise obstruct the sensing ports.
When a probe is taken out of line, always place it in the protective sheath which is shipped
with probes from the factory.

Use proper input power.

Check the probe maximum temperature and pressure ratings — never operate a probe at or
subject it to temperatures or pressures beyond its specified limits.

Keep moisture out of the enclosures — once all service connections are made, make sure the
enclosure lids are tightly closed and all gaskets are in place. Seal conduit lines at the