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Cisco 12012 Gigabit Switch Router Card Cage
Assembly Replacement Instructions

Product Number: GSR12-CARDCAGE=

This document contains instructions for removing and replacing a card cage assembly in the
Cisco 12012 Gigabit Switch Router (GSR).

The sections in this document include the following:

Product Overview, page 1

Safety Guidelines, page 3

Tools and Parts Required, page 6

Removing and Replacing a Card Cage Assembly, page 7

FCC Class A Compliance, page 32

Cisco Connection Online, page 33

Product Overview

The Cisco 12012 has two card cages; the upper card cage and the lower card cage. (Refer to
Figure 1.) The upper card cage has 12 user-configurable slots available for line cards and a route
processor (RP). One additional slot (rightmost slot) in the upper card cage is non-configurable; it is
reserved for an alarm card. The line cards and the RP are not slot dependent; you can install the line
cards and the RP in any of the first 12 available slots.