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Cisco Access Registrar 3.5 Concepts and Reference Guide


Chapter 4 Understanding Replication

Replication Configuration Settings

Rep Members Subdirectory

The Rep Members\ subdirectory contains the list of slaves to which the master will replicate

Rep Members/Slave1

Each slave is added much like a client is added. Each slave must have a configuration in the Rep
Members directory to be considered part of the replication network by the master. The master will not
transmit any messages or replications to servers not in this list, and any communication received by a
server not in this list will be ignored.


Although it is possible to configure multiple slaves with the same master, we have only considered a
single-master/single-slave configuration. This is the recommended configuration.


This is the name of the slave. The name must be unique.


This is the IP Address of the slave.


This is the port upon which the master will send replication messages to the slave.