Configuring prepaid billing – Cisco Cisco Access Registrar 3.5 User Manual

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Cisco Access Registrar 3.5 Concepts and Reference Guide


Chapter 6 Prepaid Billing Solution

Configuring Prepaid Billing

Configuring Prepaid Billing

Cisco AR 3.5 uses a prepaid service to support prepaid billing solutions. A prepaid service has the
following properties:

[ //localhost/Radius/Services/prepaid ]

Name = prepaid

Description =

Type = prepaid

IncomingScript~ =

OutgoingScript~ =

OutagePolicy~ = RejectAll

OutageScript~ =

MultipleServersPolicy = Failover


Under RemoteServers, you must list the RemoteServer object previously configured to support either
prepaid-crb or prepaid-is835c.

Detailed information about configuring prepaid billing is located in the Cisco Access Registrar
Installation and Configuration Guide