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- Shoulder Abduction (elbow stabilized)

Muscles worked

- This exercise emphasizes the side shoulder muscles (middle deltoids), the top

muscle of the rotator cuff (supraspinatus) and the upper trapezius muscles.

Starting position:

•Remove the bench and stand on the platform straddling the rail and facing the Power Rods.
•Grasp the handles with palms facing towards each other.
•Attain good spinal posture and bend forward slightly at the hip (15 to 20 degrees) by keeping

your spine straight and sticking your rear end out. Do not bend at your waist.

•Let your arms hang directly in line with the cables.
•Elevate your shoulders very slightly towards the back of your head.


•Raise your arms directly up to almost shoulder level.
•Keep the side of your arm/elbow facing out/up throughout the movement.
•Slowly bring your arms in to the starting position without relaxing.

Key points:

•DO NOT swing the arms upward or move the trunk during the motion.



The following program was created by Dr. Ellington Darden. It
contains a rigorous fitness and dietary program. Please consult
your physician before beginning any fitness or dietary program.

Some of the names of the exercises listed in this program have
been changed in order to match the names of the exercises in
this manual. The exercises themselves have NOT been changed,
in order to preserve the integrity of Dr. Darden’s Study.

The Upright Row exercise shown below was used in Dr. Dardens original study. Although many
people have used this exercise for years, recent information in the Physical Therapy field has
caused the authors of this manual to caution against performing this exercise because of the
unnatural twisting movement created in the shoulder joint.

Bowflex Inc. suggests that you substitute the Front Shoulder Raise or the Rear Deltoid Rows for
the Upright Row exercise.

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