Cisco Level Two Technical Support for BBSM Document ID: 15942 User Manual

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Note: If the property does not
have an IT staff, or is unable or
unwilling to assist, a technician
must be sent to the property in
order to perform these tests.

If the problem with a switch or switches
cannot be resolved, replace the switch(es).


Note 1:

Switch−to−switch and router−to−computer
connections require a crossover cable.
Switch−to−computer connections require a
straight−through cable.


If you replace switches or move cables, return the
same cables to the exact same port. If you do not,
the port map is invalidated.

Note 2:

The resolution to this problem could require a
technician on site to perform troubleshooting.

Check the network diagram in order to determine
which, if any, switches are downstream of the
suspected switch.

It is possible that the network diagram does not
reflect recent changes.

This diagram represents Straight−Through Cable Wiring:

This diagram represents Crossover Cable Wiring:

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