Neu-F NF.6601 User Manual

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Using a metal file, go around the outside edge of the shift
lever stamping to remove any burrs or high spots.

10. Install neu-f billet adapter onto lever, should be a snug fit.

NOTE: Use Channel Lock pliers with taped jaws to squeeze
on adapter. If adapter does not seat fully then more filing
around edge may be required.

11. When adapter is fully seated on lever there should be no

gap at the top edge.

12. Install locking plate with cable ball end and M6x16 Socket

Cap screw. Tighten evenly using 9/16” open end wrench
and 5mm Hex Key wrench.

13. Grease ball and push on cable socket end. Check operation

of shifting thru gears.

14. Re-install center console in reverse of disassembly.

NOTE: Before installing center console, tape over metal

clips at bottom of console (step 4 & 6) to prevent scratching
of floor console when re-installing. Then remove tape after
console is seated properly.

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