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Page 196: Financial calculation (tvm), Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Financial Calculation (TVM)


• The fx-7400G


is not equipped with the TVM mode.

1. Before Performing Financial Calculations

From the Main Menu, enter the TVM mode and display the Financial screen like the one
shown below.

Financial 1 screen

Financial 2 screen

• {SMPL} … {simple interest}

• {CMPD} … {compound interest}

• {CASH} … {cash flow (investment appraisal)}

• {AMT} … {amortization}

• {CNVT} … {interest rate conversion}

• {COST} … {cost, selling price, margin}

• {DAYS} … {day/date calculations}

• {DEPR} … {depreciation calculations}

• {BOND} … {bond calculations}

I Setup Items

S Payment

• {BGN}/{END} … Specifies {beginning of the period}/{end of the period} payment

S Date Mode

• {365}/{360} … Specifies calculation according to a {365-day}/{360-day} year

S Periods/YR. (payment interval specification)

• {Annu}/{Semi} … {annual}/{semiannual}

Note the following points regarding Setup screen settings whenever using the TVM mode.

• The following graph Setup screen settings are all turned off for graphing in the TVM mode:

Axes, Grid, Dual Screen.

• Drawing a financial graph while the Label item is turned on, displays the label CASH for the

vertical axis (deposits, withdrawals), and TIME for the horizontal axis (frequency).


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