Leased line authentication requirement removed, Snmp support, Snmp community names – Cisco 700 series User Manual

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1-10 Cisco 700 Series Router Installation Guide

SNMP Support

Leased Line Authentication Requirement Removed

For 64-kbps or 128-kbps leased line connections, previous versions of the software required
PAP/CHAP authentication to identify the corresponding profile. In software Release 4.0(1)
and higher, the authentication sequence is no longer required for leased line connections.

To eliminate the need for authentication, a user-defined profile named leasedline must be
present and defined. If this profile is not present upon call connect, the router requires
authentication to select the correct profile. If the call cannot be authenticated, the router
defaults to the Standard profile.

Within the user-defined profile called leasedline, verify that PPP authentication is set to
none. The switch types that support this feature are PERM64 and PERM128.

SNMP Support

Cisco 700 series routers support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

SNMP Community Names

Cisco 700 series routers support the following SNMP community names:






These community names are read-only and cannot be changed. Cisco 700 series routers do
not support SNMP set commands.