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Overview of Cisco 700 Series Routers 1-3

Product Features

Profile-Based User Name and Password

Remote users often have multiple service providers. Connecting to different service
providers might require different user names and passwords. Previous releases of Cisco 700
software used the same user name and password for all profiles when making outgoing
Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connections. Cisco 700 series router software Release 4.1(1)
allows different profiles to have different user names and passwords.

In previous releases, the set systemname command set the system prompt and the PPP user
name when making outgoing PPP connections. Different profiles can now use different user
names when dialing out. A new profile level command, the set ppp clientname command,
has been created for this purpose.

Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol and Bandwidth Allocation Protocol

The Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol (BACP) and the Bandwidth Allocation
Protocol (BAP) define a set of rules to control dynamic bandwidth allocation gracefully by
managing the number of links in a PPP multilink bundle. BACP consists of a network
control protocol that negotiates once per PPP multilink bundle while BAP defines a set of
request and response messages to manage the links.

Cisco 700 series router software Release 4.0(2) already supports dynamic management of
both B channels with the demand feature. The implementation of BACP and BAP allows
Cisco 700 series routers to coordinate and negotiate the actual allocation and deallocation
of the second channel. The parameters are set using the demand command and the timeout

BACP is only implemented on a BRI interface. A Multilink PPP has to be negotiated for
BACP to be functional.

If a data call is bumped to accommodate a voice call and if BAP negotiation is enforced,
the user might experience a short audio idle period before a B channel becomes available.
The user might not be able to connect the voice call if the peer declines to give up the link.
This happens when the set ppp bacp linkdrop negotiation command is set to ON.