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Page 8: Ipx sap filtering

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1-8 Cisco 700 Series Router Installation Guide

Product Features

IPX Support

To improve performance, only the services defined in Novell IPX Router Specification
107–000029–001 are supported, and a maximum of 400 IPX route entries and 200 IPX
SAPs are allowed. If you need more route and SAPs entries, software Release 4.0(1) and
higher supports set ipx sap helper and set ipx gateway commands.

IPX Ping

The IPX ping feature allows you to determine if the specified IPX node is alive and
reachable. Cisco 700 series routers only generate Novell IPX format ping packets when
IPX ping is sourced from the router. The response by the Cisco 700 series router to a Novell
IPX ping packet is in Novell IPX format. The response by the Cisco 700 series router to
Cisco IPX ping packets is in Cisco IPX format. (If a Novell NetWare server is pinged, the
specified server must be running the IPXPING.NLM to respond to the ping. This NLM
[NetWare Loadable Module] is part of an IPX Upgrade [IPXRTR.EXE] to NetWare
servers.) The parameters are set using the ipxping address command.

Default IPX Route

Cisco 700 series routers can route IPX packets to an established default gateway if no
learned or static route can be found for the destination in the routing table. The parameters
are set using the set ipx gateway command.

IPX SAP Filtering

IPX SAP filtering controls which services are added to the Cisco 700 series router Service
Advertisement Protocol (SAP) table. You can specify filters per type range or socket range.
Before a service is added to the SAP table, the service type and socket number for the
service is checked against the existing filters. If the type and socket ranges match any of the
existing filters, service is permitted or denied based on the action specified in the action
field of the filter. Otherwise (no filter matches the incoming service), the service is blocked.
If no filter is configured, all SAPs are permitted. The parameters are set using the set ipx
filter sap
command. The maximum number of SAP filters is 20.